The Benefits of Telemedicine and Online Doctors

a female online doctor talking to a patient on a smartphone through a video chat

The benefits of telemedicine and online doctors are endless. Telemedicine is a new and growing phenomenon that is taking the healthcare industry by storm. By taking consultations and visits online, telemedicine allows clinicians to diagnose, treat and screen patients remotely via widely available household technology. All you need is a digital device and internet access.

Ever thought about utilizing telemedicine services for your healthcare? You’d be amazed at the benefits that “going digital” and working with an online doctor can offer.

5 Benefits of Working With an Online Doctor Via Telemedicine

1. It's Affordable

Research indicates that telemedicine can reduce healthcare costs. Working with your physician via telemedicine—at just about any hour of the day, even outside of normal business hours—also prevents you from needing to take time off work in order to take yourself or a family member to an appointment. For employers, telemedicine can even reduce absenteeism and improve employee productivity.

2. It's Convenient

Telemedicine brings the doctor’s office to you, wherever you are! You can consult privately and securely with your online doctor in the comfort of your own home. It’s super convenient and helps reduce or eliminate the cost and time associated with commuting to a doctor’s office.

Plus, no more waiting rooms!

3. It's Customizable

Global Patient Access offers a variety of plans which grant you access to licensed and board-certified physicians who specialize in a variety of conditions. Depending on your needs, you may even be able to access services that would otherwise be unavailable in your geographic area.

4. It's Easy to Use

At Global Patient Access, we have an entire team dedicated to making our telemedicine platform user-friendly and intuitive. We’re compatible with most major operating systems including Android and iOS. Our plans even include discounts through GoodRx that you can use to fill prescriptions electronically through your local pharmacy in a snap.

5. It Promotes Better Care Delivery

Many factors, including inclement weather, far geographic distances, travel hardship, family roles, health status, and schedule conflicts can make it difficult for patients to make it to their doctor’s appointments. By allowing patients to securely and privately connect with their medical team in their own homes, telemedicine can increase patient follow through. The end result? Improved quality and consistency of care delivery. And since telemedicine is so convenient and easy to use, people may be less likely to delay treatment or wait to seek help at the first signs or symptoms of disease. This is a critical point, since earlier detection of health conditions like cancer translates to earlier treatment, which often results in better outcomes for you or your loved one.


Consulting with your doctor over your phone or the internet? It’s not science fiction—it’s a healthcare revolution. Whether you’re looking to save money, save time, improve communication with your physicians, or simply make it easier for you and your family to receive individualized medical care, telemedicine can help.

Do you have questions about telemedicine? Ready to see how online healthcare consultations could help you gain more control over your health? Contact Global Patient Access to learn more.

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