How to Avoid Getting Sick During the Flu Season

a sick woman blowing her nose in winter clothes

The flu season is a challenging time for many families and individuals. You may have concerns about catching the flu at an inopportune time or wasting days of your time waiting to heal from the virus. While it is not always possible to avoid every situation that may increase the risk of getting the flu, it is possible to take measures to limit your risk and help you avoid getting sick. One of the best ways to do this is by taking the proper prevention methods for example, always having a doctor at your fingertips along with these other suggestions.

Wash Your Hands

The first step to reducing your risk of sickness this flu season is keeping your hands clean. Wash your hands regularly throughout the day and never eat until after you’ve washed your hands. Since your hands are exposed to viruses and bacteria on doorknobs, desks, and other surfaces, you want to keep your hands clean to limit the risk of sickness.

Avoid Touching High-Risk Objects

While it is not possible to avoid every doorknob or surface throughout your day, you can limit your exposure to high-risk surfaces or objects. If you take public transportation, then avoid holding handrails or touching the seats. Use a handkerchief or a tissue if you cannot avoid touching a high-risk surface.

Disinfect Surfaces

Disinfect doorknobs, desks, computer keyboards, or other surfaces you must touch throughout your day. Keeping your space clean will help reduce the risk of sickness. You can also use hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands when you are touching surfaces that others touch throughout the day.

See a Doctor for a Routine Check-up

Talk to a doctor before you get sick to prevent or get ahead of illnesses. This isn’t always a convenient option for those of us with busy schedules, but luckily there are alternatives out there. Telemedicine services like Global Patient Access allow you to connect with a doctor over the phone or through a video call no matter where you are. This enables you to see a doctor without having to go to the doctors office, and get the care you need at a more affordable cost.

Get a Flu Shot

Get a flu shot every year. The only exception for a flu shot is if you have an allergy to a common ingredient or a medical doctor advises against the shot. If you are not certain about the risks, you can talk to a doctor online to determine if a vaccine is safe for your health.

Eat a Healthy Well-Balanced Diet

A strong immune system plays a critical role in your ability to avoid sickness. Part of maintaining a healthy immune system is through a healthy and well-balanced diet. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout your day (choose organic options when you can). Focus on whole grain foods and lean sources of protein. Try to eat at least five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables each day and focus on getting a variety of colors into your diet. For example, eat a red apple, a mixed-green salad, carrots, and blueberries for your snacks or as part of your meals. The different colors impact the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the food. You can also take a multivitamin to prevent nutrient deficiencies that may impact your immune health.

Sleep 8 Hours

Sleep is a critical part of good health. As a general rule, you want to sleep for eight to ten hours each night to reduce your risk of getting sick this flu season. IF you do not get enough sleep, then it compromises your immune system and increases the risk of getting sick. Regular sleep helps your body fight against sickness and recover at a faster pace if you do get sick.

sleeping puppy in a hammock

Going into the flu season does not mean you must put up with getting sick and spending days in bed. You can take measures to reduce your risk of getting sick by maintaining your health and limiting your exposure to the flu virus. Prevention is so important when it comes to avoiding the cold and flu during this season but sometimes it can’t be avoided no matter how hard you try. 

If you are experiencing any symptoms there are very easy ways to access an online doctor right from you phone and get the care you need fast. Be sure to take all the necessary steps to stay healthy during flu season.

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