Affordable Healthcare Options for Employers

As an employer, you will see a great return on your investment by using Global Patient Access. GPA is a medical benefit that will cut down on the number of doctor’s office or emergency room visits that your employees make each year.  In turn, this will lead to less time away from work and a more healthy and productive team of employees.

Lower Health Care Costs

You will notice a significant reduction in annual health care premiums by choosing GPA. Telehealth is drastically more cost-efficient than an emergency room or doctor’s visit.

Quick Access

By calling an online doctor, your employees will enjoy instant access to licensed physicians.

Increase Employee Productivity

Including GPA as a part of your employee benefits package can assist with employee recruitment and long term retention.

Health Savings Account

With telehealth, you may utilize benefits that allow you and your employees to procure tax-free contributions into a health savings account. If you itemize, this may reduce payments at tax time. Ask your accountant or tax professional if a health savings account would be beneficial.

Reduction in Absenteeism

Employees missing work for health-related issues can be aggravating. Thankfully telehealth is a  fix for this, as most common health concerns can be treated through telemedicine.

No Open Enrollment Period

In addition to being a valuable complement to health insurance, GPA is also a fantastic alternative. GPA allows you to provide 24/7/365 access to licensed physicians without having an insurance plan. GPA enrollment is available at all times, and you can modify or cancel your plan as needed.

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